Client Feedback Surveys, Strategic Plans, Research Reports, Executive Interviewing, Focus Groups

“Kathy facilitated a planning process that required work with multiple community partners, state agencies, department heads and community members. She embraced the project with a great deal of determination, professionalism and humor, winning over even the most resistant department heads and community members.”Dana Brooks, Executive Director, Grant County Commission on Children and Families

Planning enables you to accomplish your goals. It’s based on your vision for the future and requires research. Research delivers valuable information enabling you to make informed decisions.


Executive Interviews offer access to the views and insights of key community, government and business leaders. These one-on-one interviews yield an in-depth understanding about an issue.

Client Feedback Surveys reveal how satisfied your clients are with your services.  Asking for feedback tells your clients that you value your relationship. Identifying what clients see as your strengths helps you build upon them. Conversely, learning what clients say is a weakness helps you address that perception.

Focus Groups are composed of 8 to 12 people who provide their opinions, beliefs and attitudes about a service or issue. Valuable insights can be gained from these small group discussions helping clients determine the best way to move forward.

I’ve applied these research methods for businesses, foundations and nonprofits. I also collect, read and analyze literature in the field. I’m extremely tenacious and will track down any source I think is relevant to the task at hand.


Research & Strategic Planning clients include:


BBT Architects hired Oxborrow Consulting to survey clients both past and present as well as contractors and vendors. Kathy’s interviews produced detailed survey results that were specific, yet broad in spectrum. Her professionalism and inquisitive nature, as well as her ability to conduct all interviews in a timely manner greatly contributed to the quality of the services she provided. We highly recommend her to anyone in need of a customer satisfaction survey.

~Renee Alexander, BBT Architects